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Welcome Pack

Nottingham Hospitals Choir Welcome Pack

Nottingham Hospitals Choir

Welcome Pack



Hello and welcome to Nottingham Hospitals Choir.  We hope you will enjoy singing with us and decide to stay and become a member.  If this is the first choir you have attended or if you haven’t sung for a long time, that is fine – Nottingham Hospitals Choir welcomes you.


Some of our members have been in choirs ever since leaving school, and others join later in life because they realise that they like singing.  Some read music, and others don’t – we are a very mixed bunch. All that matters is that you enjoy singing, you can attend rehearsals regularly, and you are prepared to join in our public performances

About The Choir

Nottingham Hospitals Choir was founded in 1970 and since then we have been singing and raising money for different charities.  We have recently achieved charitable status ourselves and commit our time to raise money for others by performing concerts.

We are a choir of 30-40 voices singing a variety of music.  We perform three or four concerts a year as well as other performances such as the Nottingham City Council service for Remembrance Sunday and the BBC Radio Nottingham Christmas Carol Concert, which we recorded in Southwell Minster.

Our President is Dr. Keith Girling, the Medical Director of the Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust.


We rehearse on Thursday evenings from 7pm until 9pm in the restaurant on D floor of QMC, during term-time only.

Rehearsals start promptly at 7pm so please arrive a few minutes before so you are ready to start at 7pm.  There is a short break during rehearsal to socialise with other members, stretch our legs and rest our voice.  This is also the time when the choir’s Chair gives out any notices and where you can talk to members of the committee.

Please note that we ask members not to talk during rehearsals to ensure everyone is able to listen and learn the music, as rehearsal time is limited.

We can park in the Medical School car park at QMC and the barrier is raised for us from 6.20pm until 7.30pm.

How the choir is organised

We have a Musical Director (Nick Milburn) and an accompanist (Chris Ebbern) to lead our rehearsals and conduct our concerts.

The members of the choir elect a committee every year at our Annual General Meeting.  The committee meets regularly to make arrangements for concerts, and discuss anything relating to the smooth running of the choir.

2019/20 committee members


Chair: Sally Lancaster

Treasurer: Bill Milburn

Section Head (Ladies): Sandra Johnson

Section Head (Men) and Librarian: Jonathan Waite

Secretary: Jo Davidson

Membership Secretary: Jane Jarvis


Voice Check


Once you have attended a few rehearsals, the Musical Director will check that you are singing in the correct section of the choir.  He does this at the end of a rehearsal – not in front of the whole choir!

You will be invited to sing a well-known piece (e.g. the first verse of ‘Hark the Herald Angels Sing’) within a small group of singers.  Nick will also do one or two exercises with you to check the range of your voice.

The Voice Check is not a test or an audition.  It is simply a way for Nick to understand the voices that he has in the choir, which helps him when choosing music for us to sing.  For example, if he is considering a piece with some very high notes for the sopranos, he needs to know that he has sopranos who can sing those notes.  Also, new members who have not sung in a choir before do not necessarily know if they
are a soprano, alto, tenor or bass – at the Voice Check Nick will confirm this for you
to make sure that you are singing in the section of the choir that is best suited to
your voice.

Once you have done your Voice Check you become a full member of the choir and
are eligible to sing in our concerts.



Each member pays an annual subscription, which contributes to the choir’s running costs.  This is currently £100 a year and can be paid in two instalments: September and January.  If you join part-way through the year, the subscription will be reduced accordingly.  If you will have difficulty in paying the subscription please talk to the Membership Secretary, who will come to an arrangement with you.

Our website


The address of our website is www.nottinghamhospitalschoir.co.uk


Choir Code

We ask members to follow this code, for the benefit of the whole choir:

  • Rehearsals will be held weekly on Thursdays, from 7pm to 9 pm and any other day as required.
  • You are expected to attend a minimum of 70% of rehearsals for concerts
    and other events. If your attendance is less than this, your performance at the event is at the discretion of the Musical Director and the committee.
  • Please tick the attendance register at each rehearsal, and note any dates that you know you will not be at rehearsal, e.g. due to a planned holiday.
  • If you cannot come to a rehearsal unexpectedly, e.g. due to illness, please let your Section Head know:

Sandra Johnson  07976 157133


Jonathan Waite  07880 791713, or jonwaite@ntlworld.com


  • If you do not attend rehearsals for a long time, for reasons other than illness, this may lead to suspension at the discretion of the Musical Director and the committee. 
  • The last two rehearsals before a concert and occasionally certain others are compulsory: any member not attending these will not be allowed to take part in the event.If you give reasonable prior notice that you cannot attend one of the final rehearsals, you may be able to sing at the event at the discretion of the Musical Director and the committee.


  • Please pay attention to the Musical Director during rehearsals and do not carry on conversations, even if he is speaking to another section.
  • Mobile phones should be switched off during rehearsals, and should not be checked other than during the break.If you are on call, please keep your phone on ‘silent’ and leave the room to take any call.
  • You will be asked to sign up to say that you will take part in a concert several weeks before the event.If you cannot take part in a concert, perhaps due to a holiday, you are still expected to attend rehearsals to help your colleagues learn the music.
  • Please only use a pencil to make notes on your music.


Choir Dress for concerts


  • floor-length black skirt or trousers (no jeans)
  • plain, black, long-sleeved blouse with a stiff collar
  • black tights or socks
  • black shoes – if you wear boots, they must be hidden by your skirt/trousers
  • choir scarf - you will be asked to buy a choir scarf which is £2.50.
  • discreet non-reflective jewellery and/or hair accessories.


  • black dinner suit
  • plain white shirt
  • black bow tie
  • black socks
  • black shoes.

On some occasions different dress may be worn, following consultation between the committee and choir members.


You will be provided with a black folder to hold your music during concerts. 
This remains the property of Nottingham Hospitals Choir – please return it
if you leave the choir.




The annual subscription, as decided at the Annual General Meeting, is due on the 1st September.At the moment it is £100 per year (less if you join part-way through
a year).  The subscription can be paid in two instalments (September and January).  If you think you will have any difficulty paying the subscription, please speak to the Membership Secretary who will be happy to make an arrangement with you.

Members who have not paid their subscription by the 31st of January will be deemed to have resigned; reinstatement will be subject to the rules applicable to new members.

If you are a taxpayer, we will ask you to complete a Gift Aid form so that we can reclaim the tax on your subscription.




Members are personally responsible for all music issued to them and are expected to return their music at the agreed time.  Members will be charged for copies not returned.  


Resolving disputes

Please feel free to express any concerns that you may have to your Section Head or another committee member, either in writing or by talking to them on a Thursday.  The committee will do their very best to resolve the issue for you.


Welcoming new members

The choir aims to provide a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for all members, but especially to those who have recently joined.  Your Section Head will make sure that you have everything you need to enjoy rehearsals.

Please have a look at our website:



Thank you for coming to your first rehearsal with the Nottingham Hospitals Choir – we hope it is the first of many and that you decide to become a member.

Privacy policy

Your member data – what we need and why

We need some of your details, for example your name and email address, so that we can let you know about things like rehearsal and event dates, subscription payments, and social events.

What data do we collect from members?

We collect some of the following types of data from members (we don’t collect all of this data on all members – we only collect it if it’s needed):


  • Name
  • Email address
  • Postal address
  • Phone number
  • Emergency contact details
  • Photos/video footage
  • Subscription payments



  • Gift Aid declarations
  • Bank details
  • Age/DOB
  • Gender


We check what data we have on members every two years and remove it if we no longer need it. If you leave the group, we’ll make sure we stop using and/or delete any data we don’t need to keep (e.g. for financial reporting).

What do we use it for?

Any of the information listed above might be needed to manage your membership with Nottingham  Hospitals Choir and to organise and run our activities. We won’t ever use this data for anything else unless you give us your active consent for that additional use.

If you give us your consent, we will add your email to our mailing list for the group’s marketing/promotional communications. We will always include opt-out options on all such communications.  You can withdraw your consent at any point by contacting the Data Protection Officer.

Do we share your data with anyone else?


  • We will never give your data to third parties for that third party to use. We will sometime use third party services (e.g. Google Drive) to store or process your data but we will always make that they are reputable and secure, and that your data is kept safe.
  • If another member of the Choir asks for your contact details we will only ever share them if you consent.

What can you ask us to do?


At any time you can ask to view, update or correct any data we hold on you. You can also ask that we stop using your data or that we erase it. To request any of these, please contact the Data Protection Officer who will respond within one month.


I’ve got a question– who should I speak to?

The best person to speak to is the Data Protection Officer - Jo Davidson nottinghamhospitalschoir@gmail.com